Discover our transformative Muswell Hill project, where visionary design meets down-to-earth practicality. In this contemporary home, we’ve reimagined spaces to cater to modern family needs. Step into the ensuite, a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. Taupe and burnt orange brick tiles create a warm embrace, while LED lighting adds a touch of enchantment. Brass fixtures harken to classic charm. What sets this space apart? We’ve ingeniously incorporated a freestanding bath and walk-in shower, redefining possibilities in a compact area. It’s not just a bathroom; it’s a symphony of convenience and style, ideal for a young family. The open-plan living and dining area stands as a testament to our dedication to seamless connections. Sunlight bathes the space, enhancing its airy expanse. Bespoke furniture pieces reflect timeless comfort, while clean lines weave through curated design elements, fostering an atmosphere of togetherness.

Interior Design in Highgate

Sam Patience lead our refurbishment project in North London. He owned the work end to end: design, sourcing a contractor, procurement and decor.

To be honest, we couldn’t do it without him. He added endless value and freed our time to focus on our daily commitments.

– The design work was collaborative and we felt we get the right advice for our needs.
– He scoped the work activity by activity which made it easier to prioritise our budget
– We sourced a great contractor which Sam managed on a daily level
– Based on our budget, he recommended relevant stores and managed the procurement process incl. delivery arrangements
– Towards the end, he helped with last design/snagging decisions

The outcome was beautiful and functional flat – we are super happy!

Overall, Sam is highly professional, passionate about his work and patient (;-)) with his customers.

Highly Recommended!