Clapton Town House

Photos from our most recent project in Clapton where we were commissioned to stage the property ready for sale. We lightly decorated throughout and procured additional furniture and accessories to create the warm family space potential buyers would aspire to.

Photos by DPiction⁠

Interior Design in Highgate

Sam and Jamie excelled on this project. We have three children and work full time jobs so nothing happens in our household without help. Sam and Jamie provided their support in spades (and beyond their direct scope). They were highly professional and adept at working within COVID limitations. They delivered an exceptional outcome, in a short time period.

We asked that they decorate a plain new build (white walls, beige carpet) 4 bedroom mid-terrace. The space is is now light, airy and has multiple living zones. It is a delight to be in-critical for lock-down. Our input was sought in defined chunks throughout the design process so it was not intrusive or onerous. Jamie used Virtual Reality software to show how designs would look. This accelerated the process and provided us with a high degree of confidence that we were making the right decisions. This was a key differentiator for us.

We focus on sustainability in our work and lives and extended this challenge to Sam and Jamie. They embraced this without compromising the end result (e.g. re-using existing items; sourcing 2nd hand items or sustainably sourced items and even low VOC paint.

Their level of energy and engagement was outstanding; they have high attention to detail and ensured a high quality outcome that far exceeded our expectations. They even impressed our kids; who kept asking when Sam and Jamie are coming back! The outcome is summarized by the word that my wife and I uttered when completed… “WOW!” Review by Shaun, Clapton